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Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier

Brewery: Franziskaner
Available: Bottles
I bought it: Sainsbury’s

Germany is home to one of the widest range of beer varieties in the world and possibly the most recognizable is the Bavarian Weissbier, a wheat beer, which means that a significant proportion of the malted barley normally used in the fermenting process is replaced by wheat.  That fermenting process is top-fermentation in the case of Weissbier meaning it has more in common with ales than lagers.

Franziskaner is a wonderful example of this type of beer.  Golden in colour and with fruity, citrussy notes, it’s equally beautiful to look at and tasty to drink.  As is the norm with Weissbier, the big creamy head is achieved by swirling the last inch or so of beer in the bottle before carefully decanting into the top of the glass.

This should be part of any serious beer drinker’s portfolio anyway but with Germany likely to run deep in the World Cup, there will be plenty of reasons to sample this authentic taste of Bavaria.